Concepts IT offers a comprehensive collection of Salesforce professional services to help you implement your CRM strategy with the right tools and assist businesses in improving their sales, marketing, and customer service processes.

Concepts IT provides high-quality custom development services to assist you in resolving business issues and enhancing your Salesforce program with highly customized solutions. With years of experience in Salesforce customizations and Salesforce experts, we are one of the best technological partners you can work with.

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Salesforce Consulting

Concepts experienced consultants can address your specific CRM concerns, such as low sales productivity and poor departmental alignment, as well as CRM performance issues, and help you maximize your Salesforce's potential.

Our Salesforce Consulting's Features and Roles

  • Creating a plan for user adoption.
  • Endorsing the best Salesforce edition for the job.
  • Salesforce Sales, Service, and Marketing Clouds are used to create sales, customer service, and marketing processes.
  • Assist you in defining and mapping your business goals.


Our team drives innovation ensuring adherence to Salesforce governance and best practices, for a robust and highly scalable solution.We have experience in different types of Salesforce implementations, including Sales Cloud, Pardot,, Service cloud, NPSP and Starting from needs assessment, design planning, implementation, customization and integration, we can offer our SFDC expertise. Our expertise covers:

Our Salesforce Consulting's Features and Roles

  • Customizing according to your requirements.
  • Create Lightning Components and triggers to implement complex flows.
  • Integrate with legacy applications.
  • Migrate data from csv files, other databases to & data modelling.
  • Develop sites on sites.
  • Implement Chatter.

Salesforce Configuration & Customization

Click First, Code Second! We strive to create solutions your administrator can independently maintain. We also provide expert customization services for the things which are not achievable through Configuration.

Analytics & Auditing! Wondering if lots of hectic logics & data are required to be put in? Don't worry! We take your business related question, ask follow-up questions, write requirements, and then map those requirements to report criteria. And you'll have a dazzling, graphical & easy-to-use clear analytics of your entire related data at 1 single place which will help you to understand & act on your data. How simple is that!


Seamlessly integrate Salesforce with your existing systems to improve data quality and reduce manual processes. Capitalized on power of connected customer experience - enabled by enterprise platform integration, pre-built connectors and accelerators with Mulesoft.

Businesses are aggressively working to capitalize on the power of more connected customer experiences – enabled by enterprise integration. Concepts offers Platform Integration solutions including lifecycle API management, enterprise platform integration, pre-built connectors and accelerators with Mulesoft. We help you protect, analyze, and enhance your customer experience while improving efficiencies across business and IT operations.

Project Execution Models


We will set up a team in United States and the team can either be available at the customer location or they will work from Concepts office. The benefit of onshore project execution is that the team is available in the same timezone and any project issues can be discussed and solved in less time.


We would use our India offshore locations for executing the project. Using this model would lower the project cost as the labor cost is significantly lower. Also, as the offshore team works in a different timezone so the overall efficiency of the project execution is better.


Nearshore outsourcing offers the advantage of geographical proximity, typically within the same continent or region. This results in reduced travel time, easier collaboration, and closer time zone alignment.